Guidelines on Normal Wear & Tear


Your Property Investment when rented out to a third party will through normal usage suffer ‘Wear and Tear. An important distinction must be made as to what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.

For example, a hole in the plaster, a broken window, crayons on the walls, cabinet doors torn off hinges are all above and beyond normal wear and tear! However, a worn place in the carpet or a small crack in a kitchen tile is classified as normal ‘Wear and Tear’.

Landlord Tips

It is imperative to record your sheets from your quarterly inspections to allow you to determine wear and tear. You as a landlord need good records of what you bought and when and who installed them. Keep all warranties and manuals in a safe place and ensure that you register all warranties if required.

Some damage is the Landlords fault for not regularly inspecting the property. It is of vital importance that once a tenant move in that a checklist / inventory is signed by the tenant. This will be your proof of condition of your items.

Make it clear at lease commencement that you need to be notified of any issues that arise over the life of the tenancy, this will allow you to deal with issues and for them not to result in larger issues at the end of the lease term.

This communication is of the utmost importance with tenant and landlord or his agent and should always be in writing.

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