Water charges to be cut to under €200 per household as Levy is Streamlined!!!

Wexford Rentals & Property Management has read that  two rates are being finalised with expected cost of €200 for multiples person residences.
The Government is close to finalising a much simplified system of water charges which will mean an effective annual charge of less than €200 per household.

Wexford Rentals & Property Management has read that the Coalition parties are hoping the package with significantly reduced charges will be enough to encourage a majority of households in the State to register with Irish Water and end the ongoing crisis. The revised plan will see the discarding of multiple tiers of charges based on the number of adults in a household. It will also replace three separate water allowances with a single universal allowance. Under the scheme, every household which registers with Irish Water and gives details to the Department of Social Protection will be entitled to an annual allowance of some €100. The single allowance will be available to all households irrespective of means. It will replace the tax concession included in the Budget, and other allowances announced as part of the social welfare package. There will also be a simpler charging model, based on only two rates. The first rate will be for a single-adult household and the second for a household of two adults or more.

The final details of the two new rates have yet to be formally approved. However it is expected they will result in households with five adults or more paying the same as a family with two adults, some €280 per annum. When the universal allowance is taken into account, it will mean the annual bill for households with two children will be substantially less than €200, and single households will pay less than €100 per annum. The plan is being drawn up by Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly ahead of an expected announcement on Wednesday. Senior Government sources last night confirmed the broad details of the plan, which is nearing completion. It should be signed off by Government after meetings of Cabinet and the Economic Management Council early next week.